Today, Wednesday July 29, 2020, at the rectorate of the University of Sciences and Technologies Houari Boumediene, the director of the Center of Scientific and Technical Research for the Development of the Arabic Language, Doctor Mourad Abbas, and the Rector of the University of Science and Technology Houari Boumediene Djamel Eddine Akretche signed a framework agreement.

As part of the enhanced cooperation plan between the Scientific and Technical Research Center for the Development of the Arabic Language and the  University of Science and Technology – Houari Boumediene , a framework and cooperation agreement was signed on the morning of Wednesday 29 July 2020, in the presidency of the university, by the director of the center, Prof. Dr Murad Abbas and the president of the University of science and technology – Houari Boumediene professor Jamaluddin Akrach. 

This agreement aims to strengthen the means  of cooperation and joint work between university professors and researchers at the center, particularly with regard to areas of common interest such as artificial intelligence, automatic processing of natural languages, systems engineering, multimedia, wired and wireless communication and Arabic language teaching platforms, and this agreement also includes the study of ancient  scientific and technical Arabic manuscripts, the creation of databases for terms (concepts and definitions), systems engineering, multimedia and biometrics, in addition to biomedical signal processing and intelligent computer systems for human interaction and machines. As well as technical support for research projects.

According to the agreement, the two parties will work together to prepare joint projects related to those programs or systems that require multidisciplinary procedures according to an integrated vision reflecting a practical fact to build a base that contributes to the exchange of knowledge and qualitative and specialized expertise between the university and the center.