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وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

المديرية العامة للبحث العلمي والتطوير التكنولوجي

 General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technogical Development

مركز البحث العلمي والتقني لتطوير اللغة العربية

Center of Scienific and Technical Research for the Development of Arabic Language

center Organization


The center’s management poles consist of services that watch over the good conduct of research, support administrators, supervise them administratively, and provide them financially with research tools. These services are divided into three administrative departments supervised by the Secretary-General, and two technical departments, each of which includes three technical services Supervised by the assistant director which are as follows:

Administrative staff

It consists of the following :

Personnel and training service

Budget and Accounting service

General means service

Scientific staff

It consists of:

External Relations Department and Research valuation

this department is composed of:

External Relations and Communication service

valuation of the results of research service

Scientific events service

Monitoring research Activities in Science and Technologies of the Language Department

it consists of:


Service of scientific and technical information of the documents


Service of data bases and audio Visual


monitoring Research Projects