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وزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

المديرية العامة للبحث العلمي والتطوير التكنولوجي

 General Directorate of Scientific Research and Technogical Development

مركز البحث العلمي والتقني لتطوير اللغة العربية

Center of Scienific and Technical Research for the Development of Arabic Language

Board of directors


Member of the Board

The Board of Directors consists of twelve (12) to eighteen (18) members appointed for a period of four years and includes:

A representative of the legal authority, as the head of the service.

A representative of the Minister in charge of Finance

Representatives of other concerned state institutions, whose list is specified in the establishment decree

Representative of the General Directorate for Scientific Research and Technological Development

Director of the establishment and directors of research units

President of the Scientific Council

Two representatives elected by the researchers of the Institution.

One (1) representative elected by research associates at the institution.

Personalities representing the economic field related to the institution's research activities, appointed by the legal authority due to their efficiency.

Council Regulation

The nominal list of the members of the Board of Directors shall be determined by a decision of the high authority.

In the case of interruption of the mondate ans a member of directors board, it is proceeded to be replaced in the same forms for the remaining mandate period.

The secretary of directors board is insured by establishment services.

The Board of Directors deliberates on all matters related to the work of the institution, especially the following :

  • Research programs presented to him after reviewing the opinion of the Scientific Council
  • Financial management for the past fiscal year
  • Estimated schedules of income and expenses
  • Investment operations
  • Human Resource Management Scheme
  • Establishing subsidiary institutions and obtaining stocks
  • Accept gifts and bequests
  • Annual report on activities